Reading on empowerment by Lotta Petronella

SEA FOUNDATION Online and in Person in Helsinki and Tilburg

A performative reading of an excerpt from Experiments in Imagining Otherwise, a text by Lola Olufemi; a poem called Rant by Diane di Prima; and with the reading of the tarot card number 12 and 20 - the hanged and judgment. The reading will take place online and in person at Oksasenkatu 11, in Helsinki,during the exhibition If I Can not Cry in the Subway curated by Julia Fidder. If I Can Not Cry in the Subway is a collective story about loss and grief where individual experiences are allowed to exist together. It is elaborating on the research Grieve with Me published by Julia Fidder on our webiste and on the curated publication which is shown at SEA Foundation's vitrine and can be purchased via our webshop.

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Feb. 22. 2024 20:00-21:00 Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki and online 

Sittings With Plants & Collective Moth Reading by Lotta Petronella


Curated by Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey, Lotta Petronella will perform a collective tarot reading using two hand-painted tarot decks: a collection of butterflies and a collection of moths native to two different Finnish islands. Oscillating between day and night, light and shadow, and life and death, the reading will move us all from a state of default carelessness to conscious care. Read more about the event here.

Dec 17. 2023 18:00-19:30

Interview With CAA Co-founder, Artist And Filmmaker Lotta Petronella


In this interview, Petronella speaks about her journey through the archipelago and her transitioning artistic and filmic practice that brings people, places and plants into dialogue with one another. Her award-winning documentary film, Själö – The Island of Souls, premiered in spring 2020, and last summer she launched her critical feminist herbarium, Själö Poiesis. Petronella was a commissioned artist in this year’s Helsinki Biennial. Her exhibition Materia Medica of Islands was installed on Vallisaari island until 17 September 2023, where she also performed Laments along with Lau Nau and a live choir. 

Moth Tarot Private Readings


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